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Lighthouses in the Outer Banks

Each lighthouse is unique in it's own way and has stood the test of time. The Currituck Beach Lighthouse is the first I visited. So many photos show it surrounded by cedars and live oaks. Once you get closer you can truly see how tall and magnificent it truly is.

The Ocracoke Island Lighthouse is the second oldest that is still an active facility. The history of this island includes the history of the infamous pirate Blackbeard.

The vertical stripes of the Bodie Island Lighthouse can be seen from miles away as it sits amongst the tall pines and marshland. It was most recently restored in 2013.

Old Baldy Lighthouse, being the southernmost lighthouse, is still on a lot of people's bucket list to visit. The view is remarkable and unforgettable and worth the journey.

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is the nation's tallest lighthouse boasting 257 steps and black and white spiral stripes.

Oak Island Lighthouse had a motor failure that rendered the lights unusable. This gave way for the perfect opportunity to switch the light to LED, which will be brighter than the original light.

Cape Lookout Lighthouse is only accessible by private boat or ferry. The 360-degree views looks out onto the turquoise waters and beautiful beaches.

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